Las Vegas Club Bans Mainstream Tracks And “Lazy” DJing

A recently opened after-hours nightclub situated on the world-famous Las Vegas strip has decided to extinguish the endemic laziness and mainstream attitude of the EDM world today, giving performers a strict mandate titled “DJ Rules AFTER 3AM,” which includes a list of “banned artists.”

Besides forbidding “any hip-hop, trap, [or] dubstep” and anything with a “Lil John or T-pain drop in it,” DJs are barred from playing tracks by artists including Hardwell, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, LMFAO, “Swedish House Mafia (and all remaining pieces of them),” Avicii, and Deadmau5.

Any laziness or cheating in the booth is also strictly verboten, with the rules stipulating one cannot play a pre-mixed set or use mixing software without external hardware controllers. AFTER management is also adamant that their performers “Do not say a fucking word on the microphone.”

The remaining edicts address general courtesy and politeness like not placing drinks next to equipment. The list concludes by assuring DJs that “Breaking any of these rules will get you immediately escorted out of the DJ booth and you will not be paid for the morning’s performance.”

According to EDM blog WhiteRaverRafting, who contacted AFTER’s Marketing Director, the list is legitimate and was created by the club’s Managing Partner, Thom Svast. “Yes, they are real (with a sense of dry humor of course), and they will be posted in our DJ booth,” she said.

Photo: DJ Rules AFTER 3AM


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