‘Last Night’ Purple Sneakers, The Gaelic Club Friday June 3rd

Gosh-damn-it-all we’re lucky when our country produces such a fine young thing as Melbourne’s OWL EYES. She has a remarkable knack for conjuring images of youth that seem so much more magical and romantic than I remember mine to be. Wait – I’m still in my youth – THERE’S STILL TIME! She’s touring her own brand of indie-pop with new single ‘Raiders’ and docking at Last Night on June 3rd. Brooke Adamo (as she’s know to family and friends) will convince you with the wink of an eye and a lyrical lick that you and her are meant to be – just ask our old mate Darwin Deez, who babbled about her incessantly between songs on his most recent Australian tour.

To get your limbs warmed and raring to flail, we welcome NEW NAVY to the Last Night stage. Their chill-pop will warm the heart of the coldest of winter nights – and rubbing against your fellow music aficionado is sure to help too.

Opening proceedings we have the dark and curious stylings of Sydney’s BRACKETS. Their Nick Cave-esque vocals, synths and samples will have you swaying in that awkwardly enthusiastic way that sees potential injury for the person next to you. At least you can use it as a conversation starter later in the night after you’ve collected your dutch courage – “Remember when I punched you in the face earlier? Let’s make out”.

And not forgetting we run a nightclub til the wee hours, we’ve brought in hometown heroes M.I.T and RANDALL STAGG to answer your dancing queries, with the SHIMMY UP TOP boys holding their very own brand of party upstairs in the glass room.

‘Last Night’ Purple Sneakers, The Gaelic Club Friday June 3rd

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