The Lawsuit Between Lana Del Rey And Radiohead Has Reportedly Been Sorted

Lana Del Rey says the lawsuit between her and Radiohead has been sorted.

The band were reportedly suing Del Rey because of the likeness between their song ‘Creep’ and ‘Get Free’ off her 2017 LP Lust For Life.

She said that the publishers were attempting to take “100% of publishing [royalties]” but they later denied that, claiming that no lawsuit had been filed.

It’s unknown exactly what has gone on since then but it seems to be over as Del Rey has told a festival crowd at Lollapalooza in Brazil over the weekend that it’s been sorted.

“Now that my lawsuit’s over, I guess I can sing that song any time I want, right,” she said right after performing ‘Get Free’.

It hasn’t really stopped her performing it though. She’s still added it to the set on occasion during her tour which is headed to Australia next.

She’s told Twitter that she’s, “on the way to Australia now.” It will mark the first time she’s toured here since 2012.

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