Liam Gallagher Gets Wasted, Goes On Drunk Twitter Rant Slamming Radiohead

Liam Gallagher has hit peak Liam Gallagher (again) by getting plastered at a house party, hopping on to Twitter to unleash his true feelings on Radiohead, as you do.

Like the modern man trying to decipher hieroglyphics for the first time, these tweets can be a little hard to understand. But Gallagher’s inebriated stream of consciousness is honestly a thing of marvel.

“So I’m in this crazy house every fucker is hanging on about the band radio play help,” he tweeted.

He then seemingly tweeted a bunch of nonsensical phrases to describe the songs of Thom Yorke and co., including “tunecall creepy fuvker” and “planet tickle”. He also said “the rapping in the middle of the bends taking the piss” and pondered “How the fuck did these teds get big?”

He did say, in his own way, that ‘Karma Police’ is a good song.

This isn’t the first time a Gallagher brother has let Radiohead have it. Around this time last year, Noel Gallagher said that his cat, Boots, has more rock ‘n’ roll in it than Radiohead does.

Revel in the full tweet storm below.


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