“Like Going To Graceland”: Jack Black Discusses Recording At Jack White’s Home Studio

Last week, we finally heard the long-awaited collaboration between Jack Black and Jack White in the form of a new White-produced Tenacious D song entitled ‘Don’t Blow It, Kage’.

The duo recorded with the former White Stripe at his home studio – Third Man Records HQ – in Nashville back in June.

Now, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday (9th December), JB has opened up about the experience.

“We toured all around the world, and we even stopped off in Nashville, and we got a call from Jack White, who has his headquarters there in Nashville,” says Black during the interview.

“He was like ‘Hey, if you’re coming through, why don’t you come by and record a little something at my home studio?’ and we were like ‘Yes, we can’t say no to that,’ because he’s a legend. He’s my idol. I love Jack White.”

Black goes on to describe the nervous terror the duo felt at the prospect, and writing a new song as a result. That song would go on to be ‘Don’t Blow It, Kage’, which is about exactly that – attempting not to mess up in front of music royalty like White.

After Kimmel asks what White’s residence was like, Black goes on to compare his home to Graceland, the museum and once-residence of Elvis Presley.

“Every room has been meticulously curated with magic and humour and weirdness,” he adds, explaining that White asked him not to take any pictures or videos while inside.

You can watch the full interview below.

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