Lil Wayne Pays Ultimate Tribute To Skateboard Brand Via Face Tattoo

It’s hard to think what Lil Wayne was on when he decided on his next tattoo – oh wait, it’s not hard at all. The hip hop guru has solidified his love for weed and skateboarding in one fell swoop after he got a paraphrased tattoo of the Baker skateboarding company logo.

Weezy added his own flavour to the design. It’s quite clever really. He dropped the ‘R’ and added a ‘D’ so the tattoo reads ‘BAKED’. The piece itself is not the only well-thought-out part of the tattoo: Lil Wayne decided to put the masterpiece on his face, well, forehead to be exact, adding to his already well-developed collection of job stoppers.

Though the rapper did only just unleash his latest track Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me), boosted from I Am Not A Human Being Part II, it appears by many accounts that the rap game has been put on the back-burners to make way for Wayne’s mistress, skateboarding, though the man himself has said most of 2013 will be spent touring.

Check out a pic of the tat below via Prefix Mag.

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