County Jail Releases Chief Keef, Keef Releases Single, Society Loses

Chicago based rapper Chief Keef and his latest single Macaroni Time have two things in common. Both have only just been released, and both could be deemed a risk to society. Keef has leaked the single only moments after he walked out of Dekalb County Jail having been booked for disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana.

Macaroni Time is sure to get some interest given the intrigue surrounding the young, supposed hip hop prodigy but fans of the genre will probably be left wanting more. Bloated with synths and no real climax, the track also sees Keef slurring and mumbling his syllables in a way that would make any ’90s rock vocalist proud.

The clip is noticeably short, most likely on account of the fact that they were probably paying for that BMW by the hour.

Keef has been in and out of the slammer a few times recently, his last stint took away 60 days of his life following a reduced 18-month sentence related to weapons charges. During this period, we’ve been led to believe that Keef was hard at it working on new material but judging by what we’ve seen so far…meh.

WATCH: Chief Keef – Macaroni Time

(Via Fact Mag)

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