Listen: Earl Sweatshirt Gets Deep On New Track ‘Chum’

It’s not very common these days that we hear from the prodigal child of rap Earl Sweatshirt, but when we do, it’s always out of control awesome. Today, after a long period of silence, the OFWGKTA youngster has released a new single titled Chum, but it’s not all good news…

The track itself is an absolute masterpiece. There are no over-the-top beats, no smoke and mirrors, just minimal music and Earl telling his story. His unique sound breathes so much life into the somewhat vindictive ballad. Touching on his relationship with his mother and father (or lack there of) his battle with aimlessness and the current pressure he feels trying to come into his own.

The update is bitter sweet, however. Along with the tweet informing fans of the “NU TREATS”, as well as directing them to the Odd Future Tumblr, where they can check it out, Earl also tweeted that “my phones been turned off… speak not to me… im leaving twitter now”.

Could Chum be Earl’s swan song? Putting it all out there before he fades into silence? Sure as hell hope not, after dropping a track like this, it would be a crime to put down the mic. Check it out.

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