Listen: Has Delta Goodrem Ripped Off Another Song?

Recently, Music Feeds reported on the comparable compositions of Arcade Fire’s Rebellion (Lies) and Delta Goodrem’s Sitting on Top of the World.

Suggestions of a possible rip-off first arose from former Gerling member Darren Cross via his blog, where Cross commented:

“Can Arcade Fire sue Delta Goodrem for her new song Sitting on top of the world that totally rips off Arcade Fire’s Rebellion/Lies. Come on people.”

Goodrem would later deny that any intentional plagiarism had taken place, stating she has never heard the Arcade Fire track before.

“I hadn’t heard of Rebellion (Lies) until that moment and then I checked it out and was blown away… They’re incredible. I think the whole thing was a bit of a storm in a teacup”, Goodrem said.

Well, once again questions of Goodrem ‘lifting’ another artists material have come to light via The This time it’s Kate Miller-Heidke’s Last Day on Earth that shares similarities with Goodrem’s Uncovered, which features as a B-side from the single for Sitting on Top of the World.

However, rather than the entire track, it’s just the 12-second opening piano of Goodrem’s Uncovered that has been considered as too close to home to Miller-Heidke’s Last Day on Earth.

Obviously all music is inspired by what came before it, but has Goodrem once again overstepped the mark? Listen to the piano in both songs and let the discussion begin…

Listen: Delta Goodrem – Uncovered (You only need listen to the first 12 seconds)

Watch: Kate Miller-Heidke – The Last Day On Earth

Watch: Delta Goodrem – Sitting On Top Of The World

Watch: Acrade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)

Watch: Delta Goodrem vs. Arcade Fire – Sitting On Top Of Lies (Mash-up)

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