Listen: Mars Volta ‘Noctourniquet’ Album Stream

The Mars Volta are currently streaming their new album Noctourniquet online, with only days to go till its official release on the 27th March. We’ve previously heard two tracks from the album, Zed and Two Naughts and The Malkin Jewel.

Noctourniquet is the group’s sixth album, and follow-up on their 2009 album release, Octahedron. The tracklisting is below and the album cover is above.

You can listen to the stream over on Rolling Stone.

The Mars Volta – Noctourniquet tracklisting

1. The Whip Hand

2. Aegis

3. Dyslexicon

4. Empty Vessels Make The Loudest Sound

5. The Malkin Jewel

6. Lapochka

7. In Absentia

8. Imago

9. Molochwalker

10. Trinkets Pale Of Moon

11. Vedamalady

12. Noctourniquet

13. Zed And Two Naughts

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