Listen Out Act Shares Interviewer’s Unflattering Notes Online

An anonymous entertainment journalist has just been given a rude awakening and an important lesson by UK electronic producer Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, currently in town for Listen Out 2014. The producer shared a photo of some less-than-tactful notes left behind by the journo after an interview.

The notes, which were left behind backstage at the recently concluded Melbourne leg of Listen Out, start off innocuously enough. They describe the producer, real name Orlando Tobias Edward Higginbottom, as English, a soccer fanatic, and a health nut. Oh, and he’s also apparently “fucking boring to interview”.

While the author of the note acknowledges that their bad experience may have simply been due to poor questions, they also warn that the producer “doesn’t give much eye contact at all, so don’t be put off”. The author assures the interview that Higginbottom is listening, “he just doesn’t smile or something”.

Despite the non-feeling persona depicted in the interviewer’s notes, Higginbottom has handled the situation with plenty of good humour. Sharing the notes on his Facebook page, Higginbottom wrote, “[This is] one of the funniest things ever to happen to me on tour!!” before adding, “FYI it’s all true.”

Higginbottom will wind up his Aussie tour today during the Brisbane leg of Listen Out at the Avenues & Expo Place, Brisbane Showgrounds. For the record, Music Feeds had the pleasure of interviewing Higginbottom during a visit back in 2012 and we found him to be pleasant and good-humoured.

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Photos: Listen Out 2014 – Melbourne, Royal Botanic Gardens 04/10/14

Photos by Aleksandar Jason

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