Photos: Ira Cee / Michaela Dutkova

Listen To KYE’s New Collab With Sampa The Great, ‘Gold’

Melbourne pop artist KYE returns with ‘Gold’, a glimmering earworm that features Sampa The Great.

The pair work in absolute symbiosis on the track, with Sampa’s careful flow matching the rhythmic cadence of KYE’s sweet vocal. ‘Gold’ is a warm antidote to this tumultuous time, offering up some much-needed positivity.

The track, produced by 18YOMAN, serves as the second single from KYE. It follows ‘Sometimes’ which she debuted last month.

“I was lying on the couch on a surprisingly sunny day during winter last year and I remember just being the happiest and most at peace I’d felt all year,” KYE said in the official press release.

“I was hanging with someone I really loved… and I wrote the first half off the top of my head.”

KYE’s sunny sound has musically brought out a new side of Sampa too. “It may seem like a different vibe to what I usually put out but I’ve grown accustomed to surprising people with the range I’m able to express myself in,” she said.

“It was one of the easiest writing processes for me… It also helped that the person who wrote it happens to be someone whose music I love.”

Listen to ‘Gold’ below.

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