Thelma Plum Has Unveiled A Stunning Cover Of Powderfinger’s ‘These Days’

Singer/songwriter and Aussie music angel Thelma Plum has blessed us all with a stunning rendition of one of Powderfinger‘s biggest hits, ‘These Days’.

Of course, Plum hails from Brisbane just like the iconic band, and she said that connection – as well as knowing a few members of the band personally – helped her deliver.

“I was given the chance to record a song I grew up with, and as a Brissie local, I already know a couple of the Powderfinger guys so – of course – I said yes,” she said in a press statement.

“I even recorded parts of it in Ian’s (Haug, Powderfinger guitarist) studio, which made it feel even more natural.”

Despite the cover only being released today, there’s a chance you’ve already heard it as it is being used as part of Commonwealth Bank Australia’s ‘We Can. Together.’ campaign.

This news comes shortly after Powderfinger broke the internet with their live-streamed reunion performance last Saturday night, in an effort to raise funds for Support Act.

Thelma, who has recovered from her COVID-19 diagnosis, is set to go on her ‘Homecoming Queen’ national tour this November after it was postponed earlier this year. Ticket details and new dates can be found, here.

Listen to Thelma’s rendition of ‘These Days’ below.

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