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Low Hum Releases New Album ‘Terra Incognita’

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Low Hum released his new album, ‘Terra Incognita’ on May 24. The album focuses on themes of loss, redemption, resilience, and a deep relationship with his hometown, Hawaii.

Set against the backdrop of ocean hues, the album’s inspiration is rooted in Steinbeckian themes, exploring human experiences in a world full of uncertainty.

Low Hum – ‘Terra Incognita’

Low Hum’s new album reflects the Hawaiian native’s commitment to the artistic vision. Despite the initial setback of being robbed of the creative work that he had worked for while touring, he didn’t give up, as destiny had greater plans! He was forced to start from scratch, but he laid down over 30 new ideas, and that’s how the new album came to life.

The album was partially recorded in Stella Mozgawa’s (Warpaint) Joshua Tree studio and entirely self-produced by Low Hum. This level of creative control allowed him to push his boundaries and churn out this masterpiece collection.

Low Hum’s draws inspiration from his own experiences of leaving his hometown at the age of 18. He said. “This album is very much a concept album about keeping my head above water, believing in my sound and paying homage to the fellow travellers who are moving through Terra Incognita.” 

”Terra Incognita’ Tracklisting:

  1. Meet Me In The Sky
  2. Dead Weight
  3. Sultry
  4. Got 2 Give
  5. Hints
  6. Only If You Say So
  7. Waiting For The Wrong Time
  8. Blinders
  9. Walking Sideways (Honest Room)
  10. Your Love

You can stream the album here.

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