Machine Gun Kelly Goes Off On Rockstars Who Wear “Comfortable Shoes”

Machine Gun Kelly has enjoyed a hugely successful transition from rap to pop-punk, but now he’s dubbed himself gatekeeper of all things rock music in a new interview.

Speaking to Spotify, MGK gets incredibly riled up about the current state of rock music, saying “the state of rock and roll depends on rock stars.”

“I gotta see some ‘fuck you’,” he said. “I want some attitude, dude.”

That’s all well and fine, but then he goes on a giant, vitriolic rampage about how some people in rock bands wear “comfortable shoes”.

It’s a largely expletive filled rant – “put on some Dr. Martens, you fuck” – and then went on to say how the shoes are a metaphor.

Watch the whole thing below.

Naturally, New Balance-wearing rockstars from all over the world have gathered to hit back at MGK’s comments, because that’s the timeline we’re living in. Please enjoy responses from The Amity Affliction, BATHS, Trophy Eyes and more.

Godspeed to us all.

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