Madonna Apologises To Aussie Fans “My Children Are My First Priority”

Madonna has recently reached out to her Australian fans left high and dry following the cancellation of her momentarily announced Australian Tour.

We have had no option but to look on from a distance in mild shock as Madge unravels her once highly credible career with publicity stunts and desperate attempts to come off as the 20-something Madonna that she was like 60 years ago. The once-legendary pop icon has posted a video, seeking fans’ forgiveness for dogging us pretty hard, claiming that her children Rocco, David, Mercy and Lourdes must come first.

I can’t help but wonder though, is this a recent revelation that her children are important? Surely if she had already cottoned on to that fact she wouldn’t have even toyed with the idea of touring down here, which suggests that she is using her kids are a scapegoat. It’s cool if you don’t want to come down, Madge, but don’t blame your kids.

The Aussie leg of the MDNA tour, despite never actually having dates locked in, would have been the first time she played our shores in almost 20 years. You can check out the apology video below.

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