Madonna Plays 45 Minute Show In Paris, Gets Booed

Madonna has felt the wrath of disgruntled fans in Paris after she played for only 45 minutes at an ‘intimate’ show in the French capital.

The Sun reports fans in the 2,500-capacity venue paid between €80 and €280 for the gig at Paris’ Olympia Club – which was a last minute addition to Madonna’s MDNA tour in France. The show – which was streamed around the world on YouTube – was announced after France’s far right National Front leader Marine Le Pen threatened to sue the singer for depicting her in a video with a swastika on her forehead.

Footage has made its way onto YouTube with members of the audience booing and throwing empty bottles and plastic cups onto the stage. Chants of “Rembourssez! Rembourssez!” (“We want our money back!”) can be heard, while other audience members called her a “sl*t in French.

Madonna’s spokesperson Liz Rosenberg has defended the singer’s short set in a statement to ABC News Radio, saying the hastily organised performance was never meant to be a typical MDNA tour show.

“Madonna’s Paris club show was planned as her heartfelt thank you to France, which she expressed at the start of her show. The show was not billed as her full MDNA concert and tremendous effort was made to keep the ticket prices reasonable ($100 for 2,000 floor seats) and keep them strictly for her fans.”

“She has done a handful of club dates in the past and they were never more than 45 minutes.  And by the way, she put on a fabulous show, which was streamed for millions of fans around the world.”

In the short amount of time she was on stage, fans got to hear Madge perform her new single Turn Up The Radio as well as classics such as Open Your Heart and Vogue. She performed the said songs in black mac over lacy lingerie and stockings, and brandished a handgun at one stage.

Here’s footage of the fans reaction to Madonna’s short show:


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