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Maina Doe Announces Debut EP ‘ODIWAMS’

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Maina Doe has announced her highly anticipated debut EP, “ODIWAMS” (onedayitwillallmakesense), set to be released on Friday, July 5, 2024.

The announcement comes ahead of her new single ‘Maybe’ which is a song from the debut EP, “Maybe,” which adds to the buzz generated by her previous hits, “Witness” and “Lucid Dreams”.

Main Doe – ‘Maybe’

Explaining the inspiration behind “Maybe,” Maina describes. “In ‘Maybe’ I was exploring how much we rely on facades to move confidently in the world and how much these facades become a spectacle when you become aware of your own smoke and mirrors. It felt cheeky to express this in a fun and upbeat way.”

The album blends elements of R&B and soul with experimental sounds. She has collaborated with producers such as Finbar Stuart, 18YOMAN, LEN20, and UNO Stereo, Maina made a six-track EP that explores themes of hedonism, solitude, and serenity. Each song offers a glimpse into the highs and lows of urban life while hinting at a longing for simplicity and solace.

Fans can mark their calendars for July 5th to experience the magic of MainaDoe’s debut EP firsthand.

ODIWAMS Tracklisting

1. Hello 

2. Maybe 

3. Don’t Worry Bout Me 

4. Witness 

5. Damnnnn 

6. Lucid Dreams

You can pre-save the album here

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