Bobby Alu Releases Fourth Album 'Keep It Tropical’
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Bobby Alu Releases Fourth Album ‘Keep It Tropical’

Bobby Alu has come up with his new album titled ‘Keep It Tropical’ which is also his fourth studio album. The focus track of the album is named as ‘Usually An Avalanche’. The track is slowly faded and represents a cascade of overflowing emotions. 

Alu said the following about the track ‘Usually An Avalanche’, “The cascading thoughts in your mind when you have overwhelming feelings, sometimes it becomes so full on like an avalanche. It truly can be wonderful, however, it can also change to painful. It’s fascinating that such a flip can dictate our well-being. They are just feelings. But they are also everything,” 

Bobby Alu – ‘Keep It Tropical’

Bobby continued talking about the journey of making the album and also the focus track “How do you find joy? I Keep It Tropical. “This is my mantra. What this mantra means for me is to spend time with friends. To take naps. Be generous. Go on adventures. Have gratitude. Enjoy the little things. Strive to be better. Don’t be so serious. Love. Laugh a lot. Eat the odd doughnut. Swim in the ocean. Enjoy the sunshine and warmth. It is an ongoing quest.”

“The past few years I’ve been performing with my band Paulie Bromley (bass) and Declan Kelly (drums). Great friends, amazing musicians and inspiring humans. The feeling on stage and in the crowd at our shows has a special warmth and positivity. I really wanted to capture that in this album. We all have studios and rotated between the three. Yama-Nui on the Sunshine Coast with Paulie, The Nest in Sydney with Dec, and my studio Fig Tree Stables in Byron Bay,” said, Alu. 

Tracklist, ‘Keep It Tropical’ 

  • Would It Feel Nice
  • Pay Now or Pay Later
  • Keep It Tropical 
  • Usually An Avalanche
  • Floating
  • Sunsets (With You) 
  • Ready For Your Love
  • Do It
  • Take Time To Take Time Out 
  • Far Away

You can stream the album here.

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