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Image for Mastodon Say They Are Recording “R&B, Celtic Music And Yoga Music” In Cryptic New Album TeaserBrent Hinds Performs With Mastodon In Sydney, 28.03.15 / Photo: Ashley Mar

Mastodon Say They Are Recording “R&B, Celtic Music And Yoga Music” In Cryptic New Album Teaser

Written by Zanda Wilson on January 22, 2017

US metal outfit Mastodon are set to release a new album this year, and yesterday they uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel that unfortunately leaves us with more questions than answers about the new record.

In the clip, a member of Mastodon with their face blacked out is asked a series of questions about the album, and proceeds to give increasingly perplexing answers.

When asked about the actual songs on the track, he responds “Were recording music. Different kinds of music. World music. Uh, heavy metal. R&B. Celtic music. Music to dance to. Music to sit down to. Music to do yoga. Music to do all different kinds of, um, exercises to.”

Later in the clip, he also says that they’ve done “drum tracks for music, especially yoga music,” leaving us wondering whether the entire new Mastodon album could possibly be just track after track of yoga music.

Mastodon guitarist Brett Hinds confirmed in November (after breaking his leg in a motorbike accident) that the band had finished recording their seventh studio album.

Check out the band’s super weird teaser, below.

Watch: Mastodon Album Teaser

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