Matt Corby
Image: Matt Johnson

Listen To Matt Corby’s Surprise New Track ‘Vitamin’

Last week, singer-songwriter Matt Corby returned with ‘If I Never Say a Word’, his first single since he released last studio album Rainbow Valley back in 2018.

Now, he’s followed it up in quick succession by dropping a surprise new track titled ‘Vitamin’, co-written and co-produced with Matthew Neighbour (Avalanches, Missy Higgins) and Alex Henriksson. It’s out digitally today, and will also arrive as a limited edition 7″ vinyl single alongside ‘If I Never Say a Word’, which you can pre-order here.

“’Vitamin’ is all about the things that stop you from seeing the big picture, what’s truly important and the people around you that make life great. That’s what we mean by vitamins,” explains Corby of the new song.

“Where are your vitamins coming from? Most people operate in this quick fix, day by day kind of scrambling, and it’s really hard to stop and find all the value in your existence and really come up with cool ideas to make it better. For me, it’s something to strive for.”

While lockdown has filled just about every artist’s life with uncertainty, Corby has been embracing time in the studio, having co-produced Great Gable‘s debut album Tracing Faces, among other projects.

Stream ‘Vitamin’ below.

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