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Melbourne Singer Melody Pool Banned From Facebook Over ‘Period Pain’ Post

Melbourne singer Melody Pool is “furious” with Facebook after the social networking site allegedly suspended her account after she published a post about period pain.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, Ms Pool said Facebook suspended her account for 24 hours after she wrote on her private Facebook page the line, “Does anywhere deliver codeine to you because lady blood moon is waging war upon me,” as News Corp Australia reports.

Here’s how the singer reacted after Facebook deleted her post, which it had deemed to be “inappropriate” and in violation of its “community standards”:

Pool believes one of her Facebook ‘friends’ reported her ‘period pain’ post.

“I posted a mild status on Facebook about having period pain and some waste of space reported me for it, and Facebook deemed it ‘inappropriate’ and suspended my account for 24hrs, including no posts, comments, messaging or even ‘liking’ anything,” she says.

“For one, I’m furious that Facebook considers being a woman with a menstrual cycle ‘inappropriate’ but I’m even more furious that some conservative misogynist managed to become my friend on Facebook, so now I speak directly to this person — delete me right now.

“You and your patriarchal mindset are not welcome on my personal Facebook page, you sour old dinosaur. In the words of my beautiful friend Laura, ‘I’m going to keep bleeding and keep being loud!’”

Pool also believes Facebook might have had an issue with the mention of codeine in her post. Her personal Facebook account has since been reactivated.

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