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Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace Wants To Be In The Next ‘Star Wars’ Movie

A new petition is calling for Against Me! vocalist and Star Wars fan Laura Jane Grace to star in the next Star Wars movie, Episode VIII, and the singer is well and truly behind the idea.

The petition, which has over 1,100 signatures at the time of writing, spawned after Laura Jane bought a replica Kylo Ren mask (that’s the mask of the villain in the latest Star Wars flick, The Force Awakens) and had a little fun with it. Behold…

Fuck it, why not?

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I'm a little bit Jedi and a little bit rock and roll #happyhippie

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Laura Jane’s new mask purchase quickly caught the eye of the Star Wars universe. Well, of the Star Wars Twitter account…

…before the account called Laura Jane a “True Trans Force Rebel”, referencing the Against Me! song True Trans Soul Rebel.

Laura Jane gushed about the “social media moment of my life thus far”…

#woah #starwars #nothingbutstarwars #socialmediamomentofmylifethusfar

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…and later celebrated in the most Star Wars way possible:

I'm sorry. I can't even help myself. #starwars Thanks @atomwillardisme for the camera work!!!

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The petition in support of Laura Jane’s silver screen dreams hopes to make her “the first openly trans person to be featured in the Star Wars franchise”.

The petition’s creator, Sarah Rose, says, “Putting LJG in the film would be a hugely inspirational message for young people in the queer community – that the galaxy is truly inclusive and that anyone can become one with the Force.”

In response to the petition, Laura Jane says, “Someone started a petition to put me in the next Star Wars movie. I back that hard! Definitely signing it.”

Fans have been thinking up clever ways to convince the makers of Star Wars to let Laura Jane join their crew too…

To sign the petition to get Laura Jane a spot in the next Star Wars film, head over to the care2 petitions website.

Earlier this week, the Star Wars universe spawned an epic new Star Wars-themed metal band called Galactic Empire, who are sure to turn just about anybody over to the dark side.

Listen: Against Me! – True Trans Soul Rebel (Live)

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