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Metallica’s ‘Kill ‘Em All’ Sounds Like Up-Beat Punk Music When Played In A Major Key

Metallica‘s iconic 1983 Kill ‘Em All album holds a special place in the hearts of bands and metalheads around the world.

It’s considered to be one of the most important records in the creation of a genre that would go on to be known as thrash metal, and is beautifully infused with the potency, riffs and angst that would define Metallica for decades to come.

But what would happen to one of the greatest albums of all time if it was played entirely in a major key? Thats what YouTube musician Ben Eller set about finding out, and the result is a record that sounds at times like pop-punk and at others just sounds downright wrong.

It could even be a premonition of things to come from Metallica, with drummer Lars Ulrich indicating today that the band’s collab with Lady Gaga at the Grammy’s this year was only the beginning of their work with the pop star.

Over the course of a six-minute video, Eller plays short snippets from all the tracks on the album. Brilliant? Or an abomination… you decide.

Watch: What If Metallica’s ‘Kill ‘Em All’ Was All Major Key?

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