Metronomy Release New Single ‘I’m Aquarius’, Announce Fourth LP ‘Love Letters’

British electronic outfit Metronomy are a big name in the UK and they’re slowly letting the rest of the world in on the secret, premiering their latest single I’m Aquarius and announcing a March 2014 release date for their fourth full-length studio effort, Love Letters.

Metronomy are the product of frontman and producer Joe Mount and I’m Aquarius is a dazzlingly lo-fi ode to break-ups and horoscopes, a combination of earnest verses that could almost be described as spoken word dropped over chilled synths and even a few shoop-de-doops thrown in for good measure. It shouldn’t work but oh, boy, does it ever.

Love Letters is out internationally 10th March and I’m Aquarius is available via an nifty little app called Night Sky, which uses your phone’s GPS and accelerometer to identify stars, galaxies, planets, and satellites. Find Aquarius, point your phone at it and blammo! One I’m Aquarius download, thank you.

You can pick up Night Sky from both the iOS and Android app stores for 99 cents, and you can check out I’m Aquarius below.

Listen: Metronomy – I’m Aquarius

Love Letter Tracklist

1. The Upsetter

2. I’m Aquarius

3. Monstrous

4. Love Letters

5. Month Of Sundays

6. Boy Racers

7. Call Me

8. The Most Immaculate Haircut

9. Reservoir

10. Never Wanted

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