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Phoebe Go Announces Debut LP ‘Marmalade’ And Releases New Single ‘Leave’

Australian singer-songwriter, Phoebe Go is gearing up to release her highly anticipated debut LP titled “Marmalade” on May 17, 2024. Alongside this exciting news, she has unveiled her latest single, “Leave,” offering fans a glimpse into the upcoming LP.

Phoebe Go’s debut LP, Marmalade, delves into themes of losing comfort and the journey to rediscover it, or at least the courage to seek it out once more. “I wanted the songs to be vulnerable and brave at the same time”. she said about her new LP.

Phoebe Go – ‘Leave’

“Life threw some stuff my way. It’s a moment in time. I guess my desire to make this album was always bigger than my fear of it,” shares Phoebe. Collaborating closely with a trusted friend and ARIA-nominated producer Simon Lam, she adds, “Working on these songs was an outlet and it helped me move forward, which is the whole point I guess.”

Phoebe Go shared a statement about the LP’s new song ‘Levae’ via a press release statement. “’Leave’ is sort of about self numbing,” Phoebe explains of the new single. “It’s about shutting down and doing it out of fear. I wanted to capture that feeling, you know, desperation and dissociation. It’s about a time in my life where I felt kinda paralysed. It’s a bit wry and double edged but in a way this song is also an apology.” 

Phoebe Go adds “We had so much fun recording it. The first lyric idea I had was the ‘la-la-leave’ thing, which a friend told me over dinner one night was “so dumb” haha, and yet here we are. Simon and I recorded the weird vocal samples together which was hilarious. This song sort of took on a life of its own and we just had to hang in there for it. My friend Chris jumped on to play some guitars too while he was in the country which I’m so stoked with, oh and Simon plays my favourite guitar solo of all time at the end. These are some of my favourite moments on the record.” 

Phoebe Go will also be joining Melbourne’s breakthrough act, Teenage Dads, on their headline tour across August and September of this year, promising an electrifying live experience for audiences.

Fans can pre-order or pre-save the upcoming Debut LP Marmalade here.

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