MF Doom Confirms ‘Madvillainy 2’ Is Almost Good To Go

Doom has been a very busy bee indeed. In between releasing collaborations with the likes of Jneiro Jarel, working on collaborations with Ghostface Killah and everything else going on in the dude’s life, he has now confirmed that the follow-up to his very successful Madvillainy (2004) is almost here.

Speaking to HipHopDX, the masked hip hop magician stated: “You gotta dig. Endless diggin’, yo. These niggas got some shit. J Rocc and Madlib? You know, these niggas got some shit that’s ill as hell that niggas never heard, that’s as ill as any of these old breaks but they just haven’t come to surface yet. Watch when you hear the new Madvillain record. It’s almost done.”

So we now know that the new record will contain Doom’s old-school sensibilities with plenty of modern flare. Jeez, no wonder the dude has been sending look-a-likes to play his shows for him, he’s got enough work there to keep 2 Doom’s busy.

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