Missy Higgins Announces New Single And Album

Indie songstress Missy Higgins has announced her return to the local music scene with a new single titled Unashamed Desire, her first new song in five years.

It’s the first track to be lifted from her upcoming third album – The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle – which will be released on June 1.

According to The Dwarf, the album will shed light on how she turned her back on music following the huge success of her first two records The Sound Of White and On A Clear Night, which produced hits such as Scar, The Special Two and Steer.

“I’d had more success than I’d ever dreamt of and somehow it didn’t bring the happiness I thought it would,” she said.

“I thought, how do I become happy? If this doesn’t give me fulfillment, what will? And when you let go of something you’ve always attached to as your identity, what do you do?”

“I’d always been the singer or the musician or the songwriter. And when I quit music, it was terrifying. Who am I without it? It was scary, but it was also important to find out.”

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