Missy Higgins Spent Her Weekend Busking In Melbourne’s CBD

As Melburnians celebrate the city reopening, artists are offering the city pop up performances. The latest? Some casual busking from Australian icon, Missy Higgins.

Posting on Instagram, the ‘Scar’ artist wrote, “How did you spend your arvo, Melbourne?

“I spent mine busking around the CBD. Although nobody tipped me, but maybe that’s because I forgot to put out a hat…

“What a treat to see Melbourne opening up again!!!!”

Swipe for the most wholesome video of two toddlers joining the Missy Higgins bandwagon.

Pedestrian TV reported the performances after a Reddit user posted a video the Higgins performance.

The Redditor wrote, “Was very baffled by how, what looked like a busker, had gotten permission to do such a set up there, and then [I] continued to think about what a great cover this gal was doing, until it hit me and I had to sit down,” they wrote on Saturday.

“That’s when I recorded this briefly for posterity. Hope y’all enjoy!”

Impromptu Mini Gig by the legend Missy Higgins in Degraves St today. from r/melbourne

The performance comes as part of a conjoined attempt by the Victorian Government, Mushroom Group and the City of Melbourne to bring live music back to its streets.

Prior to the Missy Higgins pop ups, Darryl Braithwaite and Gordi had taken to the streets.

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