Music Feeds Faves – 6/11/15

Each week the Music Feeds team hunt down their favourite new tunes, bundle them up in some (often highly legible) words and bring them to you. It’s Music Feeds Faves.

World Champion – Shakes

New boys on the block, World Champion follow up their single Avocado Galaxy with another groove infectious track, Shakes.

Again, the duo, William Campion and Julian Sudek, supply their spacey, psychedelic pop brand while at the same time intertwining dreamy vocals and delightful production. Not only does World Champion have the grooviest tracks, they also have some helpful dance moves from the Avocado Galaxy video clip.

This track is coming out just in time for the summer vibes and produces the perfect soundtrack for a road trip, beach trip and “other” trips. / Harry Fuller, Presenter

DIIV – Bent (Roi’s Song)

Here’s how DIIV’s Zachary Cole Smith describes Bent (Roi’s Song), the second track to be lifted from DIIV’s forthcoming new album Is The Is Are:

Roi’s Song is about a lot of people, including myself, and our struggles along the path to clarity, sanity, and sobriety. Roi’s Song is also the second public taste of our new album.

“It removes the vocal reverb that has graced all our previous output, it places lyrical content at the forefront, and it starts to hint at the more diverse sonic palette that defines Is The Is Are.”

Is The Is Are is set for release on 5th February 2016, just in time for the band’s Aussie shows as part of Laneway Festival. / Tom Williams, Staff Writer

Amateur Dance – It’s Really Something

Amateur Dance is a relatively new name in the Australian electronic scene but his last Drake-sampling EP Talking About Yourself really put him on the map and even picked him up international praise. His latest EP was released this week and it goes one better again. When I say the Aus electronic music scene it’s purely a geographic thing because Amateur Dance isn’t making music that fits with the Flumes and Wave Racers of the country. He’s making atmospheric, beautiful soundscapes that have the endurance to captivate for 10 minutes just like Four Tet can.

That’s exactly what It’s Really Something is – a flourishing, 10 minute epic that just continues to layer with more and more candy for the ear. From the luscious strings to the sampled speech, it’s so intricate and textured but delivered to us so simply. It’s really exciting to hear things like this coming out of this country and to quote Amateur Dance himself – “it’s really something”. / Sam Murphy, Staff Writer

Kimchi Princi – Shine 4 Me

Full props go to Sydney’s Duchess of Flex, Baby Face Thrilla for putting me onto this slice of interweb neon sensuality. An ode to adolescent hook ups, at least that’s where it starts off, Kimchi Princi is Australia’s answer to Yung Lean and I love it.

The clip hooks you in with the combination of its claustrophobic sexuality and bizarre humour via the interjections of the mum scenes, and the overall the package is just top notch internet at its finest. The track’s vocals and production really stand up to re-listens though, although you have to watch out for getting Kimchi’s eerie moaning singing style in your head, as I’ve had “you gotta go through my mum, and that’s not very fun” going round the old noggin all week and it’s starting to affect my mental health. / Mike Carr, Staff Writer


New Navy may be RIP 5eva, but from the corpses of the fallen indie-pop outfit rises this Frankenstein monster ISLANDIS, featuring former members James Chave-Dubois and Ben McInerney.

Home is the first track from the duo and it’s sure got that tropical indie-twee vibe that New Navy swam in, but definitely more matured, like some kind of deliciously tangy cheese. Perfect for the encroaching summer chill times, Home shows promise for this newly reincarnated outfit to soundtrack some of this seasons sunnier moments. Their debut EP is due out early next year. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Content Director

Son Little – Hotline Bling

Before you reach into the screen to smash my face against the keyboard for bringing you ANOTHER Hotline Bling cover, hold up one sec and give me a chance. This one’s worth your attention for more the just the novelty factor – I’m looking at you Sufjan Stevens.

Son Little’s interpretation of the internet’s meme song du jour, is delicate and desperate and so much more emotionally complex than Drake’s, albeit catchy af, condescending take down of an ex, who by all accounts seems to be living a great life now that she’s escaped his controlling grasp.

In this version, the heartbreak in the song is palatable, all by slowing down the tempo, exposing Son Little’s aching vocals on top of some bluesy strings and keys and, notably, axing that whole patronising and infantilising “you used to be a good girl” spiel.

Look, despite its thematic pitfalls, Hotline Bling is a total jam, I know that. I love it too. But here’s a version where I don’t have close my eyes and ignore the misogyny. / Nastassia Baroni, News Editor.

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