Music Feeds presents “Cabin Fever” Mk II

As promised, Cabin Fever returns to the Abercrombie for the second month with a brand new barrel of music-flinging monkeys! Given the success of the first Cabin Fever, we were hard-pressed to pull together a just-as-rocking line-up – but we fuckin did it.

Headlining this month are prog-pop preachers super FLORENCE jam, still hot from the release of their latest EP. Grungie outfit Rockets Explode will wail like banshees for your entertainment, while indie glitch merchants Ghoul deliver their usual quality. Finally, there is Captain Kickarse and The Awesomes, who kick arse and are fucking awesome. But wait! There’s more!

It’s only $10 entry to see four sweet bands! Plus DJs Erectro, Joyride and MIT will keep you moving until 3am! But wait! There’s still more! The first 50 guests will receive a mystery prize!

Is that it?! Can we make this night even better? YES WE CAN! The cherry on the icing on the Moroccan hashcake, FREE BURGERS!

It’s a bit overwhelming, I know. Prepare yourself, for fun.

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