New Rules For Camping At Splendour 2013

Splendour In The Grass ain’t leaving anything to chance in 2013, with festival organisers today announcing changes to the camping set up at North Byron Parklands, lest some pesky rain get in the way of anyone having a good time.

Punters will no longer be parking their cars at their campsite, with a new carpark being set up a couple of hundred metres away from the spot in which you pitch your tent. This will lessen damage to the festival grounds and is already standard practice at big-name overseas festivals like Glastonbury and Fuji Rock.

They’ve also reassured those with campervans and caravans that there will be a space for them and asked festivalgoers to travel with only the essentials:

“Travel light and it’ll be alright! The idea here is to keep your kit simple, with just the essentials you’ll need for a comfortable stay. Are you bringing a campervan or caravan to the show? Don’t worry. We’ll have space allocated for vans.”

However, those with friends who also want to camp in the allocated van area, dubbed the Trailer Park, will have to arrive with that van, either as a passenger or in a car. “Van campers cannot save space for tent friends coming later,” clarified the festival earlier this afternoon.

Splendourific. You can read the full guide to camping changes on the event website. Splendour In The Grass takes place from 26th-28th July but if you’re not going, don’t worry – you can always stream ‘The Best of the Fest’ from the comfort of your own home.

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