New Sydney And Brisbane Soundwave Set Times And Maps Released

Following lukewarm reactions to previously released timetables, which were unfortunately marred by what promoter AJ Maddah called “unacceptable” clashes, maps and revised timetables for the Brisbane and Sydney legs of the impending Soundwave 2014 have now been unveiled upon fans.

The weekend saw Maddah display incredible fidelity to his oft-stated commitment to giving fans what they paid for, responding to a deluge of comments and questions on his Twitter channel and promising to fix clashes like GWAR and Rob Zombie and Black Veil Brides and Suicide Silence.

The new timetables as well as maps for the event were scheduled to be released yesterday, but a tweet from the promoter announced that “absolutely final” timetables would be released some time today, as he and his team worked to “resolve all reasonable clashes,” apologising for the delay.

Among the changes are GWAR‘s shift to much earlier in the day, Crosses moving forward, trading places with Pulled Apart By Horses, Newsted and Amon Amarth exchanging spots, with the latter opening Stage 4 and an extra 15 minutes given to headliner Avenged Sevenfold‘s set.

Readers in Adelaide can check their map and set times here, readers in Melbourne right here, and Perth readers can check theirs right here.

Soundwave 2014 Revised Timetable — Sydney (click to enlarge)

syd time

Soundwave 2014 Map — Sydney (click to enlarge)

syd map

Soundwave 2014 Revised Timetable — Brisbane (click to enlarge)

bris time

Soundwave 2014 Map — Brisbane (click to enlarge)

bris map

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