Photo: Tom Morello / Instagram

New Tool Album Sounds “Symphonic”, “Tribal” & “Sexy”, Says Tom Morello

With Tool‘s long-awaited new album now seemingly primed for a 2018 release, Rage Against The Machine and Prophets Of Rage guitarist Tom Morello has apparently been given a taste of the band’s new music, and it’s safe to say he’s thoroughly impressed.

Taking to Instagram today, Morello said he had just had “the honor of being the first outsider to hear new Tool music”.

Sharing a photo of himself with some of the members of Tool, Morello went on to describe the band’s new tunes (which are “still just instrumentals”) as “epic, majestic, symphonic, brutal, beautiful, tribal, mysterious, deep, sexy and VERY Tool”.

“Really great,” Morello said. “So excited to hear the record when it’s finished.”

Interestingly, Morello isn’t the first person to claim they’ve heard new Tool material with their own ears. Late last year, Meshuggah guitarist Marten Hagstrom said he was played a demo from Tool’s new album sessions, and described it as “the best I’ve heard from Tool”.

Morello’s comments come after Tool drummer Danny Carey recently suggested that the band’s follow-up to 2006’s 10,000 Days will be released in 2018.

That said, when frontman Maynard James Keenan was asked about a 2018 release on Twitter, he responded in typical style:

Well, I guess we’ll just keep waiting then…

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