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Nick Cave And Warren Ellis Share New 7″, ‘Grief’

Though Carnage may only be a little over a month old, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis are keeping the ball rolling, with the release of a collaborative new 7″ titled ‘Grief’.

The track is based on the sixth edition of Cave’s Red Hand Files from back in October, 2018, where he is asked a question about communicating with lost loved ones.

“I have experienced the death of my father, my sister, and my first love in the past few years and feel that I have some communication with them, mostly through dreams,” the reader Cynthia begins.

“They are helping me. Are you and Susie feeling that your son Arthur is with you and communicating in some way?”

In his response, Cave speaks on the duality of love and grief and how they are intertwined with one another.

The 7″‘s A-side features the track ‘Letter To Cynthia’, which features Cave reading his response to Cynthia’s question, with the track’s instrumental written and performed by Warren Ellis. The track is previewed in the clip below.

The B-side is a song called ‘Song For Cynthia’. This is currently not available digitally.

The 7″ is available to purchase via his official website, Cave Things.

Elsewhere in his Red Hand Files, Cave recently disclosed that he would like to be “ushered into the next world by the voice of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll singer of them all” – Elvis Presley.


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