Nile Rodgers Confirms Daft Punk Video For ‘Get Lucky’

Daft Punk can’t seem to give us an answer on whether or not we’ll be seeing a video for Get Lucky but thankfully Nile Rodgers is here to set us straight. The Chic guitarist and disco legend has confirmed that a video for the first single from Random Access Memories has in fact just been completed.

In an interview with The Guardian, Rodgers confirmed a music clip had been filmed in Los Angeles, saying the dancers in the video didn’t know what they were listening to:

“Somebody called out, ‘Wow, what kind of music is that?’ I didn’t hesitate, I said, ‘disco!’ And they all screamed back, ‘Yeah!’.

“It was like they’d found something mythical that they’d heard about but didn’t know. There was an organic connection between the kids and the music. At the end they were literally weeping. I’ve seen those moments. I’ve been that guy – and it was for real.”

Dancers? Sounds like the golden age of elaborate Daft Punk videos like Around The World might not be over after all. Stoney Roads is suggesting that the video was shot at the Sheats Goldstein residence in LA, a lavish mansion featured in movies like The Big Lebowski, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and French Exit.

We previously reported that the French duo were making a clip with director Nabil Elderkin, the dude responsible for numerous Kanye West videos, after he posted a picture on Instagram and noted it was from a Daft Punk shoot. Judging by the rocky snap, that shoot could have been solely for the promotional clip shown at Coachella.

But then in an interview a few weeks back, it seemed like Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo were pretty clear about not wanting to make videos for the songs on Random Access Memories, saying that they wanted to avoid a strong visual connection with the music.

It’s OK, you flaky Frenchmen – please, confuse us more, we don’t mind. We’ll just be sitting around in Wee Waa, patiently waiting for any scraps you want to throw us.

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