NME Editor Luke Lewis Apologizes For Ed Sheeran Outburst

NME Editor Luke Lewis has released a ‘Shame-faced apology’ in response to his Twitter posts about his “disapproval of Ed Sheeran’s music.” Lewis continues:

“I even created a not-very-amusing hashtag for it, #howshitisedsheeran.

I’d intended this to encourage a funny and light-hearted bit of banter. In fact it soon snowballed into something that had the ugly air of an orchestrated hate campaign.

After about twenty minutes I realised I’d made an appalling mistake and stopped RT-ing people’s responses. But by then the hashtag had picked up its own independent momentum, and soon became a vehicle for all sorts of crude and unfunny personal jibes.

Oh dear. It’s certainly not my goal in life to add to the sum total of bile and viciousness online. God knows there’s enough of it already. That’s why I cringe at the memory, and really, really wish I hadn’t done it. Either in my name, or NME’s.”

The apology seems somewhat pushed, as Lewis is not known for making apologies. This incident continues to put NME’s reputation in jeopardy, with some accusing the magazine of publishing absolute rubbish, and focusing on the Gallagher brothers (Oasis) due to their connections with the magazine.

The apology, which was posted on Facebook a few hours ago, has received many comments slagging off Lewis. One even saying that “maybe you need to get your head out of your backside Mr Lewis to see that people are really not as stupid as you think they are … your justification, or as you put it ‘apology’, for this matter is as arrogant as you are. You knew exactly what you were doing and exactly what would happen. As said before, you are a musical snob and a common bully.” It’s a valid point.

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