Northlane Beef It Out On Twitter With LA Outfit Volumes

LA metalcore group Volumes have called out Northlane on Twitter for allegedly stealing their sound ahead of their joint tour of Europe later this year, with a convenient stir of controversy forming in the wake of the accusation.

Volumes claim the Sydney band’s new album Node is a rip off of their sound, calling them “Volumes down under”, while Northlane hit back by saying Volumes’ album sounds like mere demos when compared to their Node record. The Sydney boys didn’t stop there, going on to attach the group’s use of duelling singers and backing tracks.

Aside from merely re-inforcing how similar the bands are and how well matched they’d be on a line-up together, the beef went deep internet feud when the memes got dragged in, with Volumes posting a Rocky meme mocking the recent departure of Northlane founding member Adrian Fitipaldes from lineup.

Not ones to take a comparison to a Stallone lightly, Northlane were quick to get back on the offensive by taking a swipe at the burgeoning rap career of Volumes signer Gus Farias aka Yung Yogi. The gloves were well and truly off.

The incident escalated further, if you can believe it, taking on truly international proportions by drawing Toronto hardcore crew Structures into the circle jerk fracas. The Torontans showed their Canadian colours with characteristic politeness, and by calling on the bands to “cool it” (ay)… although even they couldn’t help but have a stab at carving off some just desserts by claiming that both bands had copied their 2009 album All Of The Above anyway.

Thankfully, the conflict has died down by now, though with no major loss of life or limb on either side… although Music Feeds will keep you updated on any casualties.

It’s also worth pointing out here (in case you missed the subtext), that the two bands are on tour together through Europe in October, and this whole beef was a stunt in order to drum up attention about a forthcoming announcement. Structures joining the tour maybe?

Here’s hoping they keep it friendly on stage.

You can follow the beef in the tweets below:

As if we could ever hate Volumes. One of the best upcoming bands in the world, it's all love people. Announcement tomorrow.

Posted by Northlane on Sunday, 23 August 2015

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