Northlane Address Fans’ Expectations On Aggressive New Single ‘Vultures’

Sydney metalcore boys Northlane have backed up last year’s album Mesmer with a full and frantic new single ‘Vultures’, which addresses some of the expectations frontman Marcus Bridge has faced since taking over from Adrian Fitipaldes in 2014.

The new standalone single sees the five-piece return with heavier riffs and way more aggressive vocals than those heard on Mesmer. The enhanced aggression is to confront those who’ve tried to contain Northlane, or who’ve questioned the talents of frontman Marcus Bridge.

“The main message is not having to live up to someone’s expectations or live within someone’s idea of what you should be,” says Bridge.

“It stems from a built-up number of things over the last few years that comes with people expecting what we are supposed to sound like as a band since I’ve come on board.

“A lot of that stuff that has given us this feeling to want to talk about it.”

Bridge says it’s important to not let anyone mould you in a way that isn’t what you want to be.

“I don’t feel like the new guy anymore. It feels like we are finally doing us and it’s all feeling a lot more natural,” he says.

Northlane announced they’d be taking some time out of the touring circuit early this year, and during their break ‘Vultures’ was created.

Stream the track below.

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