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NSW Government Announce New Head Of Sydney Lockout Laws Review, Appeal To Public To “Have Their Say”

Moving swiftly following the outrage in reaction to his Facebook post defending Sydney’s lockout laws, Mike Baird and the NSW State Government have today announced The Hon Ian Callinan QC as the man in charge of reviewing submissions on the impact of the last drinks and lockout legislation.

According to the state government, the independent review will be “genuine and transparent”. they will reportedly take into account the laws’ effects on violence, crime, business and “vibrancy”.

Speaking of the appointment and review, Deputy Premier Troy Grant said he wanted “to make it clear it does not have a foregone conclusion.” This is despite Baird’s post which stated: “it would take a lot to change my mind” on the laws.

And now that Baird or Grant aren’t on the line to review the laws, the public have been encouraged to let Callinan know exactly what they think and make submissions online.

Submissions can be made online, by mail or email at

With a final report to be handed down in August, now’s the time for you to make your voices heard loud and clear.

Even if you’ve already emailed Mike. Even if you’ve already liked Keep Sydney Open and signed the petition. Even if you’ve already been one of the thousands of Australians to flame him on social media or re post one of the many #casinomike memes. Even if you’ve done all of that, here’s a chance to take a couple more minutes of your time and write Callinan about the damage these laws have wreaked on our nightlife and our freedom.

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