On The Night’s Curse – My City Screams, Hearts Like Wolves + More

Mankind is well overdue for a Zombie Apocalypse…or Zombocalypse if you will. Some fear it, some ignore it, others have prepared. But we shall wait no longer! On the 3rd of March, at Sydney’s The Gaelic Theatre On The Night’s Curse will mark mankind’s first move in the war against the Undead. Featuring a horde of some of the best talent the living have to offer, it will be a night of incredible music, debauchery, shenanigans, the illusive Zombie Shots, and all other mischief us warm blooded, breathing, non-brain eating legends thoroughly enjoy.

Headlining the night will be the axe toting, shamelessly brutal My City Screams. Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, My City Screams inject a hefty dose of Post Hardcore into the night. Combine that with plenty of running and jumping on stage and enough breakdowns to kill a small horse, they will be an imperative part of the survival team. Showcasing their talent as musicians and performers, My City Screams are an excellent feature on the bill and a must see for these who haven’t.

In any event of the undead rising, there is always the zombie fodder, the one who isn’t fast or tough enough. Hearts Like Wolves is in fact the opposite; they pose a serious threat. A well suited addition to the line up, Hearts Like Wolves bare a relentless sound and a live show to match, where many of their peers become stale, Hearts Like Wolves keeps things fresh. You wont know which way these guys are attacking from and once you’re hit with their wall of noise you’ll be hooked.

If there were ever an entity that Zombie’s instinctively knew not to mess with, it would be I, The Hunter. From the central coast of New South Wales they offer sanctity from the Undead. Already becoming a strong name in the Scene, I, The Hunter are showing no signs of slowing down – they know what they want and they’re going for it. A hybrid of Southern Hardcore mixed with our own Aussie sound, I, The Hunter does in fact have the eye of the hunter.

Now we all know you can’t use guns, guns attract more. So instead we have Engage The Fall. Bringing a more metalcore vibe to the line up, these cats will be firing out a sound that will send the undead masses scared, disorientated and probably wishing they didn’t become reanimated. However once the living hears it, all we are going to want to do is get our throw down on. These youngsters from Western Sydney show skill and control on stage that will dwarf that of some of their much older equivalents.

Opening for the night will be Wollongong’s Elite Element. Already no strangers to intimidating masses, Elite Element have opened for the likes of scene kings Parkway Drive and national favorites The Butterfly Effect. Bringing their awesome Metalcore sound, this band could even get the Zombies moshing, fly kicking and two stepping.

So when all other Zombocalypse refuges offer safety, shelter and food, On The Night’s Curse offers alcohol, incredible music, an awesome crowd and plenty of good times. Come down and celebrate being alive and not just undead! Feel free to get as caught up in the night as you like, zombies are welcome too and the only place in the city you can try the all-new Zombie Shot.

On The Night’s Curse

Thursday March 3, The Gealic Theatre. Sydney.

My City Screams

Hearts Like Wolves

I, The Hunter

Engage The Fall

Elite Element

Zombie Shots: $5

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