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Orla Gartland Releases New Single And Music Video For ‘Little Chaos’

Irish singer-songwriter Orla Gartland is back with her new single ‘Little Chaos’ and its captivating music video, released via her own label, New Friends.

Describing the track as “a love song, a giant surrendering,” Orla opens up about the challenges of expressing deep emotions. In ‘Little Chaos’, she pushes past her initial reluctance and strives to break down her own walls, singing, “I struggle saying just how much I really love you / You can thank my mom for that.”

Orla Gartland – ‘Little Chaos’

Orla Gartland explained the meaning behind her new single, “For a long time, I wanted to be easy-going and never take up too much space in relationships. Now, I think that’s the worst way to be. I can be loud, funny, clumsy, loyal, intelligent, annoying, caring, and angry; this song is about showing up as all of it, all at once. Dropping the act and showing your true self is the most vulnerable thing you can do. If you really want me, take me as I am.”

The release is accompanied by a music video directed by Danish director Anne-Sofie Lindgaard. The video is set in a domestic space and beautifully complements the song’s themes of self-exploration within a relationship.

Three years after her acclaimed debut album ‘Woman On The Internet’, ‘Little Chaos’ marks a significant return for Orla Gartland, showcasing her growth and authenticity as an artist.

You can listen to the new single ‘Little Chaos’ here.

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