Peaches Tells Iggy Azalea To Break Sexually Abusive Fans’ Fingers

Canadian eccentric, electronic musician Peaches has some choice advice for Australia-born Iggy Azalea, in response to the Mullumbimby rapper’s revelation last week that she’s been forced to stop crowd surfing during her concerts due to repeated sexual assault from fans.

“I had to stop,” Azalea said. “It’s funny because we were talking about how [on] my tour, I’m only doing like 2,000-seaters but I still have to have barriers, even if it’s like 200 people, because people try to finger me.”

“I will get lurk tweets for like a week before my show, like ‘I’m about to go to the Iggy Azalea show and I’m going to finger her,’ and I’ll see it and be like, please don’t! That’s a violation,” she continued. “I don’t actually like that stuff. They think I’m real slutty like, ‘She’s got a song called Pu$$y, I know what she wants.’”

Peaches however, doesn’t think Azalea needs to give up crowd-surfing altogether, offering up a swifter way to convey the message that sexual assault is not ok. “Do what I do,” she urged Azalea via a post on her Facebook page. “Call them out! grab their fingers and break them! Don’t let idiots rule! Take a stand! Take action right there.”

The Fancy rapper said she’s even taken to wearing more layers during her shows to protect herself, saying, “I wear, no lie, two pairs of underpants and then a pair of skin-coloured tights and then my pants as like a protection barrier, because there’s just no way I’m going to be intruded.”

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Watch: Iggy Azalea Discusses Getting Sexually Assaulted at Shows

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