Pete Doherty To Team Up With Ex Band Mate For Solo Album?

NME has reported today that it’s looking as though Doherty and ex-The Libertines band buddy Carl Barat will be buckling down in the studio to work together on Barat’s up-and-coming solo album.

The project is set to take place once Doherty gets out of rehab in Thailand. The ex Babyshambles’ frontman was forced to pull out of a T in the Park performance recently after, yet again, falling victim to his drug and alcohol problems.

Barat told Gordon Smart, a reporter for The Sun who also hosts a program on UK radio station XFM, that the musician is “always hungry for something else. I’m working really hard on a new solo album. I spoke to Pete before he went to rehab in Thailand and there could be something happening.”

Further adding that “when [Doherty] gets back, hopefully we’ll be on the same page and we’ll take it from there. I’m hoping that the album will be done by the end of the year.”

Whats more, Barat also hinted via Twitter that there could be a reunion on the cards for The Libertines:


This comes in direct contrast with statements made by Barat in 2011 that there would be no future for the band after a rumoured bust up with Doherty back in 2010.

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