Pixies Stream New Album ‘Indie Cindy’

Icons of alternative rock and influencers to some of the most significant artists of the past 25 years, the Pixies have now returned with their first full-length studio album in 23 years, Indie Cindy, and after whetting appetites with a series of EP releases, the band are now streaming the LP in full.

While some may see the release of the band’s first album since 1991’s Trompe le Monde as the ascension of one rock and roll’s great originals to a plane of mainstream acceptance that once eluded them, drummer David Lovering recently told Music Feeds, “I think we still are a cult band!”

“People say that we have influence, we’ve influenced bands, that we’re legends and this and that, and it doesn’t really ring with me. I’m just David, I’ve done this forever; I’ve played in the band forever. It’s just a simple little band,” Lovering goes on to explain in a forthcoming interview.

The album comes on the tail-end of some uncertain times for fans of this singular outfit, who remain a cult band in spite of themselves. Many thought the band could not go on after the departure of iconic bassist Kim Deal, but Lovering tells us that the new LP is his favourite since their debut.

“I never really liked recording all the Pixies albums. I liked the first one, because it’s something that I knew very well. But as every album got quicker and quicker to do I became very frustrated, having to get these drum beats exactly as I intended or wanted them to be… I had a different mindset on [Indie Cindy], it was all work intended and just enjoying it. It was a great experience,” he said.

Listen: Pixies – Indie Cindy

The Pixies’ new album ‘Indie Cindy’ is out this Friday, 25th April. The band will be appearing as part of Vivid LIVE in Sydney this May, check below for details — full details here.

Pixies Vivid LIVE 2014 Dates

Friday, 23rd May – Monday, 26th May

Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House

Tix: Sydney Opera House

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