Pray For Shannon Noll, Who Just Came Second On Another Reality TV Show

Eternal runner-up Shannon Noll is copping a lighthearted roasting online, after claiming second place on Monday night’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here finale.

After being robbed of the Australian Idol title by his mate Guy Sebastian back in 2003, Noll has taken another blow by losing out to comedian Fiona O’Loughlin, after spending six weeks in the South African jungle.

During the finale, Noll even received a video message from Sebastian, who wished his mate good luck, saying, “G’day, Shannon. Wishing you luck, mate. Almost at the pointy end. We are doing it tough in solidarity for you, mate.

“Last time I wished you luck, it was on the Idol stage, that didn’t pan out very well. Hopefully, it will pan out better this time. Good luck!”

But unfortunately, Nollsie was robbed once again, and while Osher Günsberg (formerly Australian Idol‘s Andrew G) said he had nothing to do with Nollsie’s loss…

…Guy Sebastian wasn’t so coy:

And poor Nollsie has been the butt of more jokes ever since…

Third time’s a charm, maybe?

Nollsie will be touring the country in May, in support of his latest album Unbroken.

Watch his video message after coming second in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, below.

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