Purple Sneakers ‘Last Night’, The Gaelic Club – 27/05/2011

To the dude who started this belief that the only way to see a huge variety of awesome music in one place is to sell a kidney and your left nut sack, we say “get fucking real!!”. This Friday get down to our LAST NIGHT MINI FESTIVAL made by tight arse partiers for tight arse partiers! We have four massive live bands, cheap booze, the best indie DJs keeping the party pumping til dawn and all without having to line up for hours to piss in a port-a-loo that makes a hobo crack den look appealing.

Earning the headline spot with their electronic explosions of indie pop are RÜFÜS. The threesome are hailed as one of the most exciting acts coming out of the country right now and after you cop an eargasm full of their multi layers dance floor bliss you’ll understand why.

In a drunken festival haze nothing beats a dose of dreamy indie folk and there’s no one better to serve it up than Melbourne favourites JIMMY HAWK AND THE ENDLESS PARTY. Their psych melodies have scored them spots alongside Cold War Kids, The Temper Trap and Silver Sun Pickups and now they’re joining us to launch their new 7″ Meet Me At The Party.

While there’s no mud in The Gaelic, you might want to keep your gumboots on for Perth’s grimiest garage band, THE GROWL. The boys have taken the spit-shine of a classic blues sound, dragging it through mesmerising stoner smog and drumming it out through gritty distortion to create something totally unique.

For those who need a little punk in their parties, we have the notorious Adelaide boys DANGEROUS! The tattoo wrapped lads have recently been signed by Californian mega-label, Epitaph Records, so make sure you get down early to catch them before they jet off on their huge international tour.

Bringing the party back to the dance floor are TOKI DOKI, RANDALL STAGG and KILL THE LANDLORD.

Purple Sneakers ‘Last Night’, The Gaelic Club, Friday 27th May


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