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This Queens Of The Stone Age & Kanye West Mashup Album Is Brilliant

The internet has been blessed with a series of spot-on mashups of Queens Of The Stone Age‘s music and Kanye West‘s vocals, in a new album called Kanye Of The Stone Age by French musician Thomas Boivin, aka ToToM.

With the Weezer and Yeezy mashup album Yeezer still fresh in our memories, Boivin has dropped a collection of 12 Kanye Of The Stone Age tracks, putting Kanye’s self-aggrandizing vocals on top of those unwieldy QOTSA guitar lines.

Some purists might have a difficult time hearing Kanye’s voice taking the place of Josh Homme’s, but it’s clear even from Kanye Of The Stone Age‘s opening track (which combines West’s Black Skinhead with QOTSA’s Do It Again) that Boivin’s mashup skills are up there with the best.

Kanye Of The Stone Age also manages to expertly combine QOTSA’s No One Knows with Kanye’s King Crimson-sampling Power on the impressive track No One Knows King Crimson’s Power.

Boivin says his latest effort was a labour of love. “I packed the first half of the present album quite rapidly a year ago but as it started to become an important project, I took my time and as I was waiting for an artwork, I found new ideas, improved other tracks,” he says.

Experience and download all that is Kanye Of The Stone Age below, and praise be to the internet.

QOTSA’s No One Knows was also mashed up with Adele’s James Bond Skyfall theme earlier this year, in what was also a surprisingly on-point creation.

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