Radiohead’s New Album Isn’t Finished Yet But It Is “A Work Of Art”

Radiohead, as per usual, are being very mysterious about when to expect their new album, announcing tour dates and posting art that many suspected to be the album artwork, but apparently we shouldn’t expect it too soon because it’s not finished yet.

The band’s longtime art collaborator Stanley Donwood who has created all of their album artwork since 1995’s The Bends spoke briefly to DIY Mag via email about the band’s ninth studio album.

When asked whether he’d heard the album he said, “I have. Is it done?”

“Not yet…”

He can, however, vouch for the fact that “it’s a work of art” and he is currently “busy,” working on his own pieces of art for the record.

“There’s quite a lot I still have to do,” he said.

Even though he’s not quite done he reckons that what he’s made for this album is his favourite work he’s done for the band yet.

“I think it’s the one that no-one’s seen yet,” he said responding to a question about his favourite.

“It was made by the strong warm winds of southern France.”

He couldn’t give any release date but he did shoot back a simple “ha ha” when asked whether it’s coming this year, so that must mean that the question is preposterous right?

It certainly seems like it’s coming this year if their billing on Primavera Festival is anything to go by. An official statement from the festival said that crowds would be seeing, “the presentation of the new album by the British band Radiohead.”

While they have released tour dates for Europe, Japan and the US, the band are yet to give us any news about touring Australia.

Listen: Radiohead – Spectre

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