Reclaim The Streets Returns To Rally Against The Lockouts

Following on from the hugely successful ‘protest-ival’ back in September the crew behind Reclaim The Streets are at it again, with a follow up mobile street festival/protest planned for December 12th, kicking off from Camperdown Memorial Park in Newtown at 2pm.

The protest comes as conservative lobby groups such as Last Drinks and The Thomas Kelly Foundation put pressure on the government to expand the lockouts state-wide. This push comes despite revelations that the up to 40% reduction in assaults in Kings Cross is offset by an 80% reduction in foot traffic, meaning violence is relatively increasing, as Tyson Koh pointed out in our recent interview.

This doesn’t even factor in the reports of increasing violence in neighbouring suburbs. With the laws due for review in February next year, now is the time to stand up an act, by liking Keep Sydney Open, signing this petition, writing your local State MP or premier Mike Baird and of course attending Reclaim The Streets and making your voice heard.

The last event attracted thousands who took to the street to protest the State Government’s hugely controversial lockout laws, and the follow up is expected to be even bigger. With the likes of Simon Caldwell and Magda Bytnerowicz playing in September, among many others, you can be sure that this event will have good vibes and great tunes galore, all while you’re supporting the fight against the nanny state.

And this fight is important because, as organisers expressed via the Facebook event:

It’s not fair to be locked out of your city by excessive rents and curfews.

The city is not just an investment portfolio for the super rich, it’s our home too.

This is about who decides what a livable city is.

Don’t let property developers, bankers and toll operators buy that right away from you. Would you rather a park or a car park?

A casino or a dancefloor?

Transport or congestion?

Apartments or a museum?

Public schools or gated estates?

A community or a ghost town?

Come dance December 12 for a livable city for all.

There ain’t no war but the class war.

Ain’t no party like RECLAIM THE STREETS!

Reclaim The Streets kick off at 2pm from Camperdown Memorial Park in Newtown and you can visit the facepook page or Facebook event for more information.

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